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There are currently 8 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
Unused pieces that are leftover from the operation which go straight to recycling.
Screw Press
A press that operates under high speeds with a ram that is actuated by a screw assembly connected to a drive mechanism.
A procedure in which a cutting force is applied perpendicular to the surface of a material, forcing the material to its yield point and resulting in a break.
Sheet Forming
A technique in which a piece of sheet metal is deformed into a 3-dimensional shape without disturbing the sheet thickness.
Shut Height
The amount of space between a ram at its lowest point and the adjustment at its highest.
The term that refers to all pieces produced by a press. Also refers to the impression of a design or letters into a material’s surface.
Stress Cracking
When a part reaches its maximum yield point, the result is a fracture or stress crack. This is often due to residual stresses from cold forming, heat treating or rapid cooling.
The vertical motion that the ram makes in going from top dead center to bottom dead center or half the cycle.

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