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There are currently 12 names in this directory beginning with the letter P.
A process in which a sheet of metal or part is uniformly punched numerous times with identical holes. Also referred to as multiple punching.
An operation in which a part or sheet of material is cut, sheared or punched to produce holes and slots. This is a very similar process to that of blanking.
A type of mechanism comprised of a stationary bed and a slide which is used to shape and form metal.
Press Bed
A stationary piece of a press that the lower die assembly is normally mounted to in a metal forming operation.
Press Brake
A mechanism that uses a single action to deform a piece of sheet metal.
Press Capacity
The total rated force a specific press has the ability to exert to a distance above the lowest point of a stroke.
Press Forming
A metal forming operation that calls for the use of a mechanical or hydraulic press.
Progressive Die
A die consisting of several stations, each performing an operation.
The first production of a design, used for testing and improving performance.
The part that reciprocally matches a die and forces the material into the die cavity.
Punch Press
The mechanism that uses compression force in order to reshape materials.
Punch Side
The side of the material that the punch enters through.

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