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There are currently 10 names in this directory beginning with the letter D.
Removing sharp protrusions from finished parts.
Dedicated Tooling
A type of tooling that is specified to a particular part, also called “hard tooling”.
Deep Drawing
Using a punch and flat blank of sheet metal, the punch draws out the sheet metal into a die cavity to form a particular shape.
A type of tool that has a cavity specifically designed for a certain shape with a punch to match it.
Die Clearance
The approximate area that is located between the punch and die opening.
Die Marks
Marks created by tooling on the sheet metal such as; scratches, indentations or scrub marks.
Die Stamping
The term used to refer to a piece that is formed, shaped or cut by a die in a press.
Draw Die
A special die used to “draw” sheet metal out by using a punch to push into the die cavity.
Using a flat piece of sheet metal to be stretched out to fit a specific, 3-dimensional shape. Also used to refer to the documents an Engineer uses to describe a part.
Refers to a materials’ ability to submit to bending or forming.

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